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Powered 4 Purpose LSE- Life Education Services


Personal Development- One on One Sessions that assist one with learning to be their best self and live life with purpose, through identifying blockages, hinderances and set backs in order to live life without limits, fears and doubt. This is an intense program that deals with the Inverted Pyramid of Life , Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. 


(10 Week Program) ($699)


Relationship/Marital ConsultingSessions that specialize in the most important relationship one could have....with self! In order to be better to/for others one must know how to love and take care of self.  You cannot give and/or provide what you do not have within.  This avoids taking on challenges that cannot be met or false identities that will eventually cause derailment of the relationship.  Married couples or couples engaged benefit from this by helping to understand the method of two totally different individuals coming together as one and the difficult task that it can be.  Learning new habits, boundaries, desires, families, financial habits/beliefs, etc. all play apart in marriages, therefore there are exercises, homework, and discussions during this time that will help generate results of better communication with real expectations.


(8 Week Program)

($599 Couple/ Individual $299)


Coaching to Coach Certification- If you believe you are called to be a Coach to help direct the lives of others to a greater path, then I want to help make that possible.  There is one condition....you must be willing to be coached first.  The privilege of being able to certify other coaches is one I take with great humility and honor, therefore I am very careful in releasing the power to influence lives, into the hands of others.  Life's experiences alone does not qualify one to coach others.  The ability to be trained, cultivated and geared in a direction can assist in preparing one to coach. Coaches need coaches.  I am a Certified Master Power Coach given the authority to certify others under Legacy Institute.This 12 Week Course is intense and time well spent to be a great "Influence" in the lives of others.




*All services are available in person, via phone, or video.  Online courses are coming soon

** Payment plans are available with deposit

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